Elder Care

Caregivers walk into our offices with a great deal of responsibility. The weight of this responsibility can be overwhelming, particularly when it is not balanced with support for the caregiver. Additionally, it can be difficult to sort out the predatory elder care professionals from the great resources our community has to offer.

An attorney is a wonderful resource, but we are often the most expensive professional available. We strive to be a source of support and information for our clients. We recommend using our services when needed, and looking to family, friends and a range of other more affordable professionals for their assistance as well.

Above all, take care of yourself. Your health and well-being will suffer if you don’t include self-care as a vital part of your caregiving plan. We welcome your feedback about what has helped or hindered you to care for yourself and loved one.

The Law Offices of Ann Marshall Robbeloth can assist you in caring for your loved one in a number of ways. If an estate plan already exists, we can advise you regarding the use of those documents to provide the care and financial assistance your loved one requires. This may include helping you to determine if the person nominated in the documents is willing and able to act, advising you regarding the process of having that person take over responsibility for your loved one’s care and/or financial decisions, and assisting you to determine what necessary steps need to happen in the event the person nominated in the documents is not willing, or able, to act.

If your loved one doesn’t have an estate plan, or if their estate plan is not fully effective, we are able assist in determining if conservatorship is appropriate, as well as providing assistance in obtaining conservatorship if needed.

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Important Elder Care Team Members

Care Managers are health and human services specialists. The Care Manager engages with the client and his or her support network to address a broad range of issues related to the well-being of the client. They also have extensive knowledge about the costs, quality, and availability of resources in their communities.

Aging Life Care Professionals become the “coach” and families or clients the “team captain.”

Financial Planners

A good financial planner will cost-effectively:

Assess cost of care

Determine options for payment

Explain the costs associated with each payment option

Certain financial planners may be hired on an hourly basis to provide information to your family. With an hourly fee there is no expectation of placing assets under the planner’s management.   This is cost-effective since it results in your ability to clearly understand your financial options. Examples include obtaining a reverse mortgage or liquidating an annuity with early withdrawal penalties. A financial planner can help explain the pros and cons of each decision and may be able to offer alternative solutions.

Spend down of assets can impact qualification for Medi-Cal. Consult an attorney specializing in Medi-Cal planning prior to selecting the order of liquidation of assets. We do not provide Medi-Cal planning services, but can provide referrals to Medi-Cal planning attorneys.


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